Ebola has claimed over 4,500 lives in less than six months. What originally has been contained to rural and impoverished communities in Africa, has now spread all the way to Europe and the United Sates. Here at GEEL Medical Services we have been following the trends and derived a number of lessons that could help save the world such outbreaks including other diseases such as cholera, influenza, Marburg, measles amongst others:

  1. Africa’s problems are not just only for Africa but the whole world just as other parts of the world.
  2. Sub Saharan Africa has one of the worst healthcare services in the world.
  3. There is need to strengthen healthcare services in marginalized communities of particularly sub Saharan Africa.
  4. There is a huge need of healthcare investment in sub Saharan Africa.
  5. Quality health care and good health systems go hand in hand in eradicating poverty.
  6. There is need of keeping good relations with all countries across the world.
  7. Sickness and disease have no respect of person and region if not prevented and controlled well.
  8. With collaborative working, infectious diseases can be eliminated
  9. Prevention in all spheres would save the world a big deal.
  10. The need for oneness in the entire world.

The healthcare challenges we have here in Africa affect the rest of the world. Tweet This Quote

The fact is that the healthcare challenges we have here in Africa affect the rest of the world. With proper health facilities in rural and marginalized communities, lives can be saved and dangerous outbreaks can be contained before they spread.

Click here for the full history of Ebola, facts, and outbreak details.

Gideon Emorut

Author Gideon Emorut

Gideon is a doctor and founder of GEEL Medical Services, a hospital and educational healthcare institution, in Tororo, Uganda. His research on the state of Uganda’s healthcare system with the World Health Organization in rural and marginalized regions of the country led him to start GEEL Medical Services in 2011

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