As the entrepreneurs settle in to their life at the Unreasonable Institute, they are reminded of the intention behind their time in Boulder. As entrepreneurs, they are literally taking matters into their own hands, as showcased through the stories of a few of the fellows. Through the mentor-driven curriculum, the entrepreneurs are challenged daily by world-class mentors ranging from Neal Baer, Executive Producer of ER and Law & Order: SVU, to Paul Polak, who is credited for bringing 24 million people out of poverty. The mentors critically evaluate the ventures in order to drive the fellows to achieve the impact they want and create globally-viable companies.

We’re part of a global community challenging the status quo. –Quayle Hodek, Mentor  Tweet This Quote

Along with mentorship, investment is one of the most important aspects that determines the success of a start-up. The innovative Unreasonable Village Fund—a $150,000 fund dedicated to the $75,000 investment in two of the Unreasonable Fellows changes the pace of collaboration and competition between the fellows. The entrepreneurs are challenged to rank one another and determine which two fellows have the most viable companies and deserve the investment. This episode showcases the juxtaposition between community and the daily grind, all while giving insight to the struggle and intensity inherit in creating lasting impact.

This is one episode of a series by Unreasonable Media capturing the stories & journey of the 25 entrepreneurs part of the inaugural Unreasonable Institute in 2010. For more behind the scenes footage of this program, see here.


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The Unreasonable Institute arms entrepreneurs creating solutions to the world’s biggest social and environmental problems with the mentorship, capital, and networks they need to do so.

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