Unreasonable Media teamed up with Mass FX Media to bring Angaza’s story to life. The development of Angaza’s platform gives millions without access to clean energy the opportunity to purchase affordable, off-grid solar systems—removing harmful health conditions caused by burning traditional fuels, like wood and coal.

Angaza Design is a Pay-As-You-Go solar technology development company focused on emerging markets, including Sub-Saharan Africa and India. Angaza’s platform enables distributors of off-grid energy products, like solar lighting systems, to offer installment pricing—affordable amounts spread over time—to dramatically increase their customer base.

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By removing the upfront price barrier of clean energy products, millions of off-grid customers can replace kerosene dependence with solar lighting and battery charging. Additionally, Angaza leverages usage and diagnostic data collected from every Pay-As-You-Go unit sold to help distributors optimize sales and operations, lower after-sales support costs, and understand customer credit risk.

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