Bridge International Academies is leveraging data and technology to bring world-class education to families living on an average of $1.24 a day per person. As of Sept 2014, Bridge operates over 350 academies in Kenya employing 4,500 people and educating 100,000 children for just $6 a month on average. Already, Bridge has proven that its service changes children’s lives, delivering an impact of 0.44 standard deviations in reading and 0.33 in maths. Bridge expects to reach 10,000,000 pupils by 2025.

Systemic change is only going to begin when we educate all of our girls. Tweet This Quote

In Kenya, 65 percent of girls have dropped out of school. With a gender parity index of 97, Bridge is working to democratize the right to succeed, for girls and boys alike.

This post is part of a series profiling ventures in first accelerator program dedicated to impacting the lives of millions of girls in poverty. For more information on the program, check out the Girl Effect Accelerator website.

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