Alejandro and Soconusco attended the 2012 Unreasonable Institute. If you want to read more and connect with him click here to see his Unreasonable Profile.

We really want to bring back the pride of farming

Alejandro Espana: Industrial Engineer with 28 years of personal experience and 110 years of family tradition in candy manufacturing including cocoa derived products, 17 years in the organic private label candy production, head member of R&D team for two major Mexican Universities specialized in cocoa production.

Alejandro’s first and main interest is to reactivate the local economy. The Mexican cocoa production is decreasing at an alarming speed, taking away the sustainability of the communities involved in the crop, because of plagues, mishandling of the fields, lack of basic services, clean water, electricity, education, migration of the young population leaving the fields and their families unnattended.

Soconusco: Increasing quality and production yield of cocoa farmers in Chiapas and Tabasco Mexico by five fold in four years. Improving post crop handling of the cocoa by establishing fair trade central buying, fermentation and drying facilities. Producing and marketing finished cocoa by-products and high end chocolate returning an important part of the profits to the fields.

Update: Soconusco just received notice of a $7,000,000 US grant from the Mexican government and they are also teaming up with Toks another great project in Mexico to get farther faster.

The best thing you can do for your kids is give them a lot of loving memories of you. Lead by example, and why not try to live in a better world?

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