Eneza Education is the fastest growing mobile education app in Africa with the mission is to make 50 million kids across rural Africa smarter. Today, they are the fastest growing mobile education application in Africa. Eneza’s educational content is aligned to the local context, and the company uses one of the most common forms of technology in Africa, the mobile phone.

Two out of three students don’t make it to high school. This is the norm in Kenya, but there is hope. Tweet This Quote

Eneza’s mobile platform educates out-of-school girls and provides those who are attending school the ability to ask a live teacher questions that they were afraid to ask in class. Via this mobile platform Eneza promotes delayed pregnancy, increased academic performance, and greater economic opportunities for girls in rural Africa.

This post is part of a series profiling ventures in first accelerator program dedicated to impacting the lives of millions of girls in poverty. For more information on the program, check out the Girl Effect Accelerator website.

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