For the past 10 years, Pedro Delgado has been using plants, no chemicals, no energy, to save tens of thousands of lives while turning a handsome profit. His company has installed 100 wastewater treatment systems in five countries including Mali, where they’ve provided drinking water to more than 8,000 people, reducing infant mortality by 75 percent and completely eliminating cholera. During the voyage, Pedro utilizes the aid of the ship’s energetic student community from Semester at Sea to create a new company, Agua, with the intention of expanding his revolutionary biotechnology to new markets around the world.

After months of working with students, Pedro decides to let them experience what it was like in the field. Through hands on learning and empathizing with the needs of the Ghanaian locals, the students realize that Agua is not just about purifying water with plants; its about sharing knowledge, and collaborating with communities.

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