This episode highlights the fear of failure and the complexities of competition. The Village Capital Fund is brainstormed and examined from the entrepreneurs’ perspectives. Will this experiment in peer-to-peer investment ultimately lead to competition amongst the entrepreneurs, or will they collectively compete against failure?

Unreasonable Institute is designed to foster an incredible community across the fellows. Collectively they compete against failure. Tweet This Quote

Through the lens of competition, we also dive into the personal story of Shabnam Aggarwal. We learn of her battle with her venture MILLEE and her personal endeavors. Paul Polak, Unreasonable Mentor, advises her to listen with her soul and follow her dream. Shabnam contemplates whether she wants to see her venture through or take a step back. This episode highlights how the Unreasonable Institute not only incubates and scales businesses, but also encourages the entrepreneurs to thrive and grow individually.

This is one episode of a series by Unreasonable Media capturing the stories & journey of the 25 entrepreneurs part of the inaugural Unreasonable Institute in 2010. For more behind the scenes footage of this program, see here.


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