When busy entrepreneurs spend the majority of their time traveling, how do they maintain strong relationships with loved ones? What does it mean to show appreciation, and what does that actually look like on the road? When life lacks a regular rhythm, it’s often too easy to let small – but important – acts of love slip.

In this fireside chat, Unreasonable’s CEO Daniel Epstein shares a conversation with psychology professor, author, and relationship expert Ty Tashiro about the fine balance between too much and too little self-awareness, the importance of not taking the little things for granted, and what this means for cultivating healthy relationships.

It’s the small things in a relationship that really matter in the long-run. Tweet This Quote

Check out Ty’s book The Science of Happily Ever After, and stay tuned for his forthcoming book, AWKWARD: The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome.


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