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It is clear that the entrepreneurial itch has gone global, so why not leverage tools that other entrepreneurs from around the world are utilizing? We’ve found a crowdsourced toolbox with more than 600 resources to get you out of decision paralysis and moving toward tackling the pressing tasks at hand.

The author of this post, Eric Tyler, focuses on the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship globally. He is the founder and CEO of Globality, an online platform supporting entrepreneurs around the world.

Thanks to a “software eating the world” mentality, the rapid development of open source technologies and expansive growth of online networks, tools for building a startup have never been more powerful and accessible. But how do you navigate all these tools to bolster your entrepreneurial leap?

How do you navigate all these tools to bolster your entrepreneurial leap?

This inquiry took us across three continents, countless meetings and months of market research and boiled down to a simple question to tech entrepreneurs: what tools do you find most effective in your endeavors? The answers culminated in more than 600 resources – from online courses and prototyping tools to technology accelerators and even influential twitterati. And we recently decided to open up all these market research findings in a startup toolbox.

To keep the toolbox updated, we are crowdsourcing its ongoing curation, allowing entrepreneurs to comment, vote, add and continually discover the most useful tools from their peers around the world. And it is clear that the entrepreneurial itch has gone global. Already in the first week since launch, entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries have logged onto the website and submitted tools that we never encountered in our market research.

The entrepreneurial itch has gone global.

These new resources have been wide ranging – from Stanford d.School’s Getting Started Toolkit which outlines the strategies used in its famous design thinking bootcamp and program, to Y Combinator’s new venture capital documents which lay out their terms for funding startups, and even Gmail.JS, which open sources the Javascript code for a Gmail equivalent.

In this process, we realized that there is no one perfect tool to solve all the issues your startup is facing. But by contextualizing the options based on a global community of experiences, we hope to eliminate the decision paralysis and shift entrepreneurs towards action in tackling the pressing task at hand.

Entrepreneurs are pioneers of progress.

This startup toolbox is only the first step in a larger online platform called Globality that is focused on supporting entrepreneurs around the world by breaking down silos of networks and insights. The platform is founded on the belief that entrepreneurs are pioneers of progress, and built to help expedite their entrepreneurial trajectory not just in Silicon Valley but around the world.

Eric Tyler

Author Eric Tyler

Eric Tyler is the co-founder and CEO of Globality, an online platform supporting entrepreneurs around the world, and a research fellow at the New America Foundation. He also consults for the World Bank and his writings have appeared in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal’s Live Mint, CNN, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Foreign Policy Magazine, among other media outlets.

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