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Bio: As President & CEO, Sue is responsible for corporate vision, strategy, execution, and capitalization for BioVantage. Her prior experience spans numerous roles including CEO, Founder and Corporate Executive. BioVantage is Sue’s fourth startup, three of which she led. Her most recent company, Solidware Technologies, Inc., was acquired in 2008. Prior to founding Solidware, Kunz was a Director of Marketing and Business Development for Sun Microsystems, and served as Six Sigma Deployment Director and Outbound Marketing Director. Before Sun, Kunz sold digital imaging solutions in Germany and held various marketing positions at IBM, also in Europe. Her international stretch started as Kunz helped set up the European offices for the Colorado-based startup, Precision Visuals, Inc.

Most businesses today are global from Day 1. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.  Tweet This Quote

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As a company, Unreasonable Media is dedicated to leveraging the power of stories to shift paradigms and solve problems. That's why we have made almost all the videos you see on this site. Long story short, we are not your average production company. Visit our site to see for yourself.

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