On an otherwise reasonable evening in July, over 600 people packed an auditorium in Boulder, Colorado, for the culmination of the 2015 Unreasonable Institute. They came to watch 12 ventures take the stage and present their solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

The entrepreneur in this video is Gavin Armstrong of Lucky Iron Fish.

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What urgent need do you address?

Iron deficiency is the number one challenge facing the planet today in terms of health and economic impact, affecting 3.5 billion people around the world—that’s half of the world’s population. Symptoms cause reduced work capacity, reduced ability to concentrate in school, and a loss on global GDP of $70 billion per year. Iron deficiency exists in every country around the world, and with global rates on the rise, an astounding number of Cambodians suffer from it. Iron supplements are too expensive and simply aren’t working. We need the lucky iron fish.

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What solution do you propose?

The lucky iron fish is a simple solution for this global problem. It’s small, shaped like a fish, and fits in the palm of a hand. To use it, you simply boil drinking water or make soup, put the fish in your pot, and boil it for 10 minutes with a little citrus. The little iron fish releases up to 90% of daily iron intake and will last for 5 years, benefiting the entire family for only $5. Its unique design features, such as a smile that fades away over time letting you know when to replace it, make the lucky iron fish easy to use. We partner with local Cambodians for design and production, and we use biodegradable packaging produced by a co-op that hires disabled Cambodians. Our international packaging is even made from recycled materials. We have improved the lives of over 100,000 Cambodians so far, and our unreasonable goal is to put a fish in every pot around the world.

Want to take action?

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