On an otherwise reasonable evening in July, over 600 people packed an auditorium in Boulder, Colorado, for the culmination of the 2015 Unreasonable Institute. They came to watch 12 ventures take the stage and present their solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

The entrepreneur in this video is Kuldeep Dantewadia of Reap Benefit.

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What urgent need do you address?

Across India, many environmental and civic problems persist: excess garbage, poor air quality, potholes, poor sanitation, lack of water, lack of energy, etc. Who’s supposed to solve these problems—the government? Local municipal authorities? We’ve waited too long. Soon, 65% of India’s population is going to be young, and they can bring change. Today’s problems are going to be solved by tomorrow’s leaders.

What solution do you propose?

Today’s problems are going to be solved by tomorrow’s leaders. Tweet This Quote

Reap Benefit believes in solving local urban problems with young people in India. We are developing the first gamified problem-solving app in India, which includes three steps: understand, solve, inspire. First, youth identify and understand local issues in order to collect data. Second, we provide DIY tools and kits for youth to access. Third, we build a community of problem solvers who work together on local issues. So far, we have worked with over 15,000 young people who have saved 15,000,000 liters of water, 63,000 kWh of energy, and have diverted 200 tons of waste from landfills through their innovations. These innovations include low cost, waterless urinals made from discarded plastic, an organic enzyme to convert food waste into compost, and a sanitation system for girls. In three years, we want to reach 1 million young people. We believe that solving big local problems is going to be child’s play.

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