ith one simple Google search, we dive straight into a vast archive of human knowledge that anyone with an internet connection can experience. According to Eileen Murphy, founder and CEO of ThinkCERCA, access to information alone is not enough. A truly literate person, she contends, thinks critically about the information they encounter and expresses their point of view effectively.

Around the world, we fall short when it comes to preparing students for life beyond school. Only 27 percent of U.S. high school graduates are college and career ready writers. Eileen believes that we need to equip every student with the tools they need to think critically if they stand a chance of participating in today’s global economy.

Only 27 percent of U.S. high school graduates are college and career ready writers. Tweet This Quote

That’s why she founded ThinkCERCA – to teach critical thinking through argumentative writing. After serving as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for over 100 schools in Chicago, she realized nothing existed to support teachers in challenging classrooms where students spanned multiple reading levels. A personalized literacy platform, ThinkCERCA gives teachers the tools to customize lessons in English, math, social studies and science to every student, regardless of their current level. The platform performs four times better than the next most successful edtech product on the market when it comes to reading and writing growth, and it attracts customers across 38 U.S. states with students from 132 countries.

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