This is the final post of a series of stories featuring the entrepreneurs who participated in Unreasonable East Africa’s 2015 program. 

“Africa is the Future” is a phrase we’ve often heard and seen on bumper stickers and t-shirts, but until Unreasonable Media visited East Africa this past summer and filmed local entrepreneurs in action, we wouldn’t have taken this statement as seriously.

The future is truly being shaped by entrepreneurs in East Africa. Tweet This Quote

Now, after a whirlwind of a trip, which took us to the most rural areas of Uganda and Kenya, we’ve returned with an invaluable perspective on how things really are and how the future is truly being shaped by entrepreneurs in East Africa.

The video above is just a glimpse into the stories we captured while visiting the second annual Unreasonable East Africa Institute. It scratches the surface of the important, hopeful stories that desperately need to be told to the world.

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