Winstone and Edom Nutritional Solutions attended the 2012 Unreasonable Institute. If you want to read more and connect with him click here to see his Unreasonable Profile.

Winstone Odhiambo: Winstone was born in the rural, lakeside town of Kisumu in Kenya. His parents struggled to raise the 6 children solely through subsistence farming. Growing up amidst the realities of malnutrition shaped the course of his life. After earning his graduate degree, Winstone realized his passion for creating both socio-economic and nutritional autonomy. His interests lie in social entrepreneurship and life conservation, if not involved in fighting malnutrition, he occasionally volunteers his time to assist game wardens to feed orphaned young ones of endangered species at conservation parks.

Edom Nutritional Solutions
Fortifying staple flours for over 500 million children & young women who are limited by expense & imprecision to access Iron,Vitamin A & Zinc is the company mission. The team provides solutions to micro-nutrient malnutrition with enriched porridge flour, maize meal flour and a health seasoning premix. Edom utilizes affordable retail distribution in rural areas to make the products widely accessible to those who need it most.

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