Revolutionizing access to low-cost energy storage by reusing end-of-life lithium batteries in renewable energy applications.

Aceleron offers the worlds first truly circular economy lithium battery technology, providing total care of the battery pack from production through to recycling thus reducing waste and cost for our partners. Through our revolutionary CIRCA technology, Aceleron has re-imagined the way batteries should be assembled, developing the technology to continually maintain and upgrade batteries in service. Aceleron has 3 key offerings: (1) batteries which can be maintained and upgraded; (2) repurposing and testing of battery packs for reuse or disposal, and; (3) batteries in an Energy Storage as a Service (ESaaS) model. This means Aceleron is able to offer its partners a battery for life rather than an energy storage headache.
With energy directly linked to development and well-being in many regions, Aceleron tackles several societal issues ranging from poverty and education to quality of life by enabling people to have better access to renewable energy.


Gender Equality Clean Energy Employment

London, England, United Kingdom


Amrit Chandan

Amrit Chandan (Co-Founder and CEO at Aceleron) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since November 2017 after participating in Unreasonable Impact UK 2017.

Unreasonable Impact UK 2017

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