Transforming the wastewater treatment process with patented technology to make water safe to reuse or discharge responsibly.

It is predicted that by 2030, the gap between supply and demand of water will be close to 60 percent. Arvia is at the forefront of solutions to some of the planet's most pressing environmental challenges, including its shrinking water supply. The company offers a unique treatment process for the destruction of aqueous organic contaminants, meaning wastewater can be treated for safe reuse. Arvia's water proposition offers cost-effective and energy-efficient treatment of problematic, toxic, or hazardous organics at trace level in water and wastewater streams. Their patented innovative technologies, the Nyex-aTMTM and Nyex-eTMTM, can be used across the globe to ensure water quality is compliant with local wastewater discharge regulations or perfect for reuse and zero liquid discharge. Arvia is growing rapidly after securing a EUROEURO6.6 million investment.


Water and Sanitation Climate Action

Runcorn, England, United Kingdom


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