Harvesting formerly untapped energy by turning millions of miles of gravity-fed water pipelines around the world into generators of clean, environmentally-friendly, renewable energy.

Lucid Energy was formed in 2007 with the mission of creating a new way for industries -- particularly those that use large amounts of water and electricity -- to turn the untapped energy of moving water into cost-saving, renewable energy. Their patented LucidPipe Power System enables industrial, municipal, and agricultural facilities to produce clean, reliable, low-cost electricity from their gravity-fed water pipelines and effluent streams. After years of research, development, and discussions with water managers across the country, Lucid Energy patented a unique, spherical, in-pipe hydropower turbine that generates electricity without removing pressure or disrupting water delivery in municipal water piping. Because the turbines operate inside of pipes, LucidPipe does not harm ecosystems. This hydropower is clean, consistent, and controlled by the water agency. Their latest iteration, the Gen 2 LucidPipe Power System, which powers 300 homes per system, enables Lucid Energy to reduce costs and expand the potential number of installation sites around the world.


Clean Energy Infrastructure Sustainable Cities Climate Action

Portland, Oregon, United States


Nina French

Nina French (CEO at Lucid Energy) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since October 2017 after participating in Unreasonable Impact US 2017.

Unreasonable Impact US 2017

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