Eliminating global carbon dioxide emissions by reducing energy consumption through energy storage in salt crystals.

SaltX Technology has developed and patented a technology that stores energy in inexpensive, highly available salt and subsequently recovers it in the form of heat or cold. This reduces energy consumption and costs by one-third. The energy is stored chemically by separating salt from water and then released by combining them again. With regular salt, this process can only be performed a few times before the crystals agglomerate and prevent an effective chemical reaction. SaltX has solved this dilemma with their patented nano-coating, allowing energy to be charged and discharged thousands of times. Additionally, SaltX salt is non-corrosive -- preventing rust -- unlike ordinary salt, and is non-toxic and recyclable. SaltX Technology's strategy is to develop, deliver, and license the SaltX technology to the world's leading OEM manufacturers of energy efficient heating and cooling products. Their newest application, EnerStore, is designed to store large amounts of energy and augment existing peak-shaving lithium ion technology. The size of the application can be adjustable from family home size to large energy plant size.


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Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden


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