Working to end the act of "Honor Killing" by empowering women across Pakistan.

Sughar Empowerment Society is a non profit organization based out of Balochistan and Sindh aiming to provide socio-economic and educational empowerment to tribal women by developing their skills and providing them with income generating and learning opportunities. By enabling these women to have an education, financial resources, and a leadership role not only in their households but in their society, Sughar helps to lower gender discrimination and the rate of violence against women. Sughar establishes Women Learning and Skill Development Centers in selected rural communities, where each center offers a six-month course to tribal/rural women to learn embroidery and enterprise development, as well as provide basic education and literacy skills. After graduating from the course, each woman is given a minimum loan to launch production of her products. Sughar has also launched Pakistan's first ever Rural Fashion Brand for the tribal/rural women in Pakistan to ensure that the traditional embroidery made by these women gets the space it deserves in the fashion industry of Pakistan, in addition to ensuring that women receive increased profit for their embroidery products.


Gender Equality



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