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Vita Beans Neural Solutions

Leading technology company in the field of learning and assessment solutions, making teaching and learning more enjoyable.

Employees 1–5
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Vita Beans Neural Solutions creates beautiful, intuitive, and affordable products to make teaching and learning as enjoyable and exciting as playing games or watching movies. They believe helping one teacher helps hundreds of students. Their product, Guru-G, is a gamified teaching and teacher training platform. It allows teachers to access, author, share, and collaborate around lesson plans, interactive content, assessments, and discussions. At the heart of Guru-G is a simple and powerful pedagogy that is stitched into a visually rich, gamified environment. Situated, non-intrusive, in-service training through interactive lesson plans minimizes the need for prior preparation before entering the class. Vita Beans' design, user-experience, and gamification provide the essential motivation to drive adoption, usage, and sharing, improving learning outcomes by 86 percent for more than 250,000 students.

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