Offering emerging entrepreneurs in Zambia a platform to transfer money, making their businesses more profitable and efficient.

The majority of people in Africa have no access to formal financial services -- and yet, rely on their family and community for support in helping them pay their school fees, cope with emergencies, find jobs, and save for their future. As the top mobile money operator in Zambia, Zoona changes the way people in Zambia, as well as Malawi and Mozambique, handle money. Zoona strives to be the best at providing business solutions to emerging entrepreneurs in Africa. The company's core product is a mobile-based Zoona Account that enables entrepreneurs to process money transfers, access working capital financing, and manage their businesses. Since inception, Zoona has processed over $2 billion in transactions and was recognized by the Nike Foundation as one of the top 10 startups best positioned to take girls out of poverty by helping them become entrepreneurs.


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Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


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