Why Give a Damn:

Watch Kamran Elahian, high-tech serial entrepreneur, share his tales of failure, speak of the importance of entrepreneurship, and discuss leadership within a business.

I was arrogant, I thought I had the midas touch and could do no wrong.

Bio: Kamran Elahian is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist with over 29 years of experience in the high-tech sector. He has co-founded 10 companies, 3 of which failed; 3 of which made exits, including CAE Systems (acquired by Teletronix for $75 million); and 3 of which went public, including Centillium Communications (which had an IPO at a $700 million valuation and achieved a market cap of over $4 billion). He is currently the Chairman and Co-Founder of Global Catalyst Partners, an international, multistage, technology-oriented venture capital firm that has invested in leading-edge technology companies in the U.S., China, Japan, and Israel. Kamran is also the Chairman and Co-Founder of the Global Catalyst Foundation, a private foundation established by the principals of Global Catalyst Partners.

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