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Pioneering millimeter wave wireless technology for satellite and terrestrial communication applications

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Neha Satak

Founder & CEO at Astrome

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Astrome develops innovative products that can deliver fibre-like bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of fibre, helping telecom operators provide reliable internet services in rural areas.  Astrome's world first Multiple-Point-to-Point E-band wireless radio, GigaMesh, distributes the core fibre capacity in cities to towers in nearby villages, enabling telecom and internet services. The reduction in cost is a result of a unique feature - the millimeter wave Multiple-Point-to-Point (Multi-P2P) communication, which is its patented technology. Multi-P2P also plays a critical role in the forthcoming deployment of 5G in urban and rural areas.  Astrome’s upcoming products include a flat-panel satellite user-terminal and V/W band satellite payload for Satellite Communication applications.

Notable Achievements

  • International Telecommunication Union’s Digital World Virtual SME Award for Most Promising Innovative Solution in Connectivity
  • First one Selected out of 60 startups for a Qualcomm and Verizon sponsored 5G Accelerator at EvoNexus in San Diego, US
  • IEEE Technology Startup of the Year 2020 Award presented by IEEE Bangalore Section

Currently Operating in Two Regions

Press Mentions

April 12, 2021

Women-led startup Astrome develops low-cost Internet services

September 30, 2021

[Funding alert] Deeptech startup Astrome raises $3.4M for market expansion, commercialisation of its core tech

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