Unreasonable Collective is an invite-only club for investors globally

Our members benefit from a highly curated portfolio of growth-stage ventures, pooled capital designed to deliver competitive terms, and intimate community experiences. Together we invest at the nexus of global impact, advanced technology and profit.

Think of us as your personal deal flow engine for curated investments positioned to create robust returns while solving pressing global problems.

Invest into ventures building a better future.

Members of the Unreasonable Collective are connected to exclusive opportunities sourced directly from the Unreasonable Fellowship. The Fellowship currently includes 370 best-in-class companies that have raised more than $14 bn in financing, are headquartered in 53 countries, and are positively impacting the lives of more than 1.4 bn people.
Our trusted relationships with the entrepreneurs in the Fellowship give Collective Members intimate access to ventures focused on profitably solving systemic societal and environmental challenges.
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Added 25 in the last year

$14 bn

Total Financing Raised By Unreasonable Ventures

$10 bn

Total Revenue Generated By Unreasonable Ventures

1.4 bn

Lives Positively Impacted

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Learn how the Collective is investing to solve the world's most pressing challenges.

Our members participate in rounds led by top-tier investors.

* These funds have all invested into Unreasonable Ventures.

Recent Deals

Below are the ventures we are privileged to have invested into via the Unreasonable Collective. They represent disruptive companies creating a more sustainable and just tomorrow.

Changing the demographics of finance

While deal-flow is our differentiator, our global and diverse community is our greatest asset. At least 50% of our Members will always be women, people of color, or identify as LGBTQ+. Below are just a few of the Collective Members our community co-invests with.

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Membership is granted by invitation only. This is a private syndicate and diverse community of accredited investors looking to profitably solve global problems. If you are interested please complete and submit the form below. Our team will follow up with you directly.

The Collective offers a world-class team working as your personal deal-flow engine.

  • The Unreasonable Collective is a special kind of wonderful “Triple Play” - offering members in-depth insights into extraordinary and innovative business opportunities, timely and insightful continuing education and the chance to truly engage with our fellow Collective colleagues.
    Betty Hudson

    Betty Hudson

    President, Hudson & Associates; Former Chief Communications Officer at National Geographic

  • The one takeaway from the Unreasonable Collective experience is 'the people.' You're going to meet the greatest people in the world, you're going to meet entrepreneurs who are changing the world, and you're going to meet other members who share your passion about helping others. It's just an incredible group of people, I've become lifelong friends with quite a number of them and I look forward to being a part of the Collective for years to come.
    Chris Yeh

    Chris Yeh

    Founder & CEO | Business Operations Leader| EOS Integrator | Information Security | Purpose Driven Investing

  • When we read about The Collective, it immediately resonated. Allowing us to become active participants through investing directly in the early-stage businesses that could impact the future, rather than in anodyne ESG funds, was exactly what we were looking for. But The Collective is so much more. The interaction through the discussions and workshops, and the opportunity to learn from and engage with others, both experts and neophytes like us, is unique. Above all, the team at The Collective has made the experience easy and very enjoyable.
    Robert Nadler

    Robert Nadler


  • Every single person I've met through the Collective, whether it's through the happy hours, the community meals, all of them have been insanely impressive and inspiring. We've seen a handful of really impressive opportunities over the last few months...these are actual real business models, companies with real traction, you actually get to meet the management team, get intimate, understand the business models and there's something that any great investor would want to put their money into.
    Kenny Johnson

    Kenny Johnson

    Impact Investor at KKR focused on private equity and late-stage growth equity transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Unreasonable Collective?

Membership is open to individuals, family offices and multi-party entities from all over the world. To share your interest in joining, please fill out the waitlist form above. It should be noted that to invest through a syndicate curated by Unreasonable Collective, members must meet investor accreditation requirements stipulated in their region. Prior to joining, you will be required to complete certain representations and warranties relating to your accredited investor status.

Can I invest in a syndicate if I am not a U.S. Resident?

Yes. We will request specific information regarding tax status when a particular investment opportunity arises to ensure the syndicate is created most effectively. However, there may be circumstances when you would need to use or establish your own specific vehicle for tax purposes to ensure your tax status is protected. Whether you are a U.S. resident or not, we recommend that you seek advice from your legal, tax and/or accounting advisors prior to investment in any syndicate.

What are the benefits beyond investments?

In addition to unique access to co-invest in innovative rapidly growing companies, Unreasonable Collective provides a variety of networking and learning opportunities. As a member, you'll receive access to multiple engagement opportunities per month, focused around test curated relationships with peers in the community and sharing cutting-edge insights, trends, and innovations. Sessions will include panel discussions, curated introductions, deep dive workshops, fireside chats, masterclasses, and other unique formats that have been developed by Unreasonable Group to activate relationships and knowledge-share.

What is the sector, technology, and geographic focus?

We believe the best investment opportunities are found when breakthrough technologies (i.e. robotics, 3D fabrication, machine learning, nano-technology, artificial intelligence) are leveraged to profitably solve systemic societal and environmental problems. After working with hundreds of growth-stage ventures around the world it has also become self-evident that great entrepreneurs are not limited by geographic borders.

To ensure our members see the best deals worldwide, and to offer a level of diversification not easily found anywhere else, each year we will syndicate investment opportunities across geographies, sectors, and technology stacks. All companies that The Collective supports will, in addition to financial metrics, track their progress by measuring one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as set by the United Nations (including among them but not limited to: clean energy access, sustainable agriculture, universal education, universal healthcare, and global financial inclusion).