Unreasonable Fellows have access to our community for life*

The Unreasonable Fellowship is an invite-only community for growth-stage entrepreneurs who bake their impact into the DNA of their profit model. Our CEOs gain access to a curated, international community of 419 fellow leaders running growth-stage ventures, 2,400 investors, 1,140 mentors, and some of the world's most powerful institutions. With a global community of life-long support, we give entrepreneurs an unfair advantage.
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Pillars of the Fellowship.


Private Invitation Only

There is no application process. Through our trusted community and rigorous primary research, we identify the most impactful growth-stage companies of our time. We then privately invite their CEOs to join the Fellowship. Unreasonable Fellows have access to our community for life and we never charge them anything for participation in the Fellowship.


Partnerships for Scale

No single entity can solve our most pressing global challenges. We work to align Unreasonable Fellows with multinationals and governments to explore new partnership and investment opportunities. Our end game? Rapidly scale the impact of the entrepreneurs we support.


Investment Support

To date, the 406 ventures that are currently a part of the Unreasonable Fellowship have raised more than $15 bn in financing. We work with more than 2,400 sources of capital (private equity firms, banks, sovereign wealth funds, foundations, family offices, individual investors) in an effort to drive more resources, faster, into Unreasonable Ventures.


Community is Everything

Our approach is one of community-driven support. Fellows build lifelong relationships with one another, with more than 1,140 Unreasonable Mentors, with investors who have aligned interests, and with our team. We wrap this global community of support around our Fellows — creating a collaborative environment rooted in trust — where vulnerability is seen as a strength.
Thank you and your team so much for all the great support. Unreasonable has really been the greatest thing that ever happened to EcoPost!

The Fellowship has 419 CEOs, headquartered in 45 countries.

38% of the CEOs in the Unreasonable Fellowship are women.

The optimal rocket fuel for growth stage impact ventures. A fantastic combination of quality time, learning environment & value creation. The Barclays alliance and mentor quality add tremendous tangible and intangible value.

On average, Fellows recommend the Unreasonable Fellowship to other CEOs with a 9.1 out of 10.

58% of the CEOs we support give the Unreasonable Fellowship a perfect 10/10 recommendation.

A category of its own for multi-pronged potent impact on growth-stage companies. The shared experience with impact-focused CEOs, rapid access to a wide variety of mentors, and tailored contacts in the Barclays network and beyond made the program experience invaluable to our organization.

Unreasonable Ventures have raised more than $15 bn in financing.

Unreasonable provides to Fellows, on average, 33 warm intros to the 2,400 investors in our network.

Unreasonable Impact was one of the most eye-opening experiences for me as an entrepreneur. Advice from Barclays investment bankers helped me to widen my perspective. The bond among the fellow entrepreneurs is the most important treasure that I gained through this programme.

On average, Fellows have each raised more than $37 m in funding.

On average, Fellows have generated more than $37 m in revenue.

A world-class program with some of the most inspiring people! The LanzaTech team has benefited immensely from the very deliberate opportunities for support and collaboration that have arisen from this partnership.

Our focus is on scaling what works

We are driven by a sense of impatience when it comes to putting a dent on the world's toughest challenges. Rather than working with entrepreneurs at the seed and early stages of their development, we support growth-stage CEOs who are already wielding impactful solutions to pressing global problems. Today, our community of 419 Fellows is positively impacting over 1.6 bn individuals in more than 180 countries.
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For Profit

We seek out ventures with market-driven business models that are designed and prepared to scale rapidly.
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Scaling What Works

We seek ventures that have a minimum of $5M annual revenue or $15M in financing. On average the companies in the Fellowship have raised $37 m of investment and generated $37 m in revenue each.
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While certain initiatives we run may focus on specific geography, we generally work with aligned ventures, regardless of origin. Unreasonable Fellows are currently headquartered in over 45 countries.
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We are dedicated to leveling the playing field for historically under-represented founders and CEOs. We work to ensure that at least 50% of all Unreasonable Fellows identify as women and/or people of color.
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Shared Goals

Impact: We will only work with ventures where creating measurably positive social or environmental impact is baked into the DNA of their products, services, and profit model.
Outcomes: Each venture agrees to actively measure critical metrics around growth, finances, and reach. All Unreasonable Fellows also track a leading indicator of their impact in accordance with the SDGs.
Innovation: Our ventures are innovating and disrupting traditional industries to create a more just tomorrow. Operating at the nexus of advanced technologies, impact, and profit, we support CEOs positioned to bend history in the right direction.

Our programs: where the Fellowship begins.

We run programs in collaboration with our institutional partners to drive immense value into the entrepreneurs we support in a short period of time, and to serve as the point of induction into the Unreasonable Fellowship. Our programs—run both virtually and in-person—represent the beginning of a lifetime of support for Unreasonable Fellows.

Unreasonable Impact • Barclays

Scaling the efforts of entrepreneurs in the green economy who are rapidly creating the jobs of tomorrow
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Unreasonable Food • Mars

Supporting rapid growth companies positioned to re-define our food systems.
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Unreasonable CHANGE • Accenture

Rewiring the global system for a more sustainable future
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Unreasonable Future • Fossil, Accenture & Pearson

Aligning the promise of leading edge technologies with the future of inclusive work and social equity
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Unreasonable Goals • US State Department, Salesforce, Johnson & Johnson, Flourish Trust

A public-private partnership centered on business solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
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Express interest in the Fellowship

We do not accept applications. We handpick and privately invite growth-stage companies that we believe are best positioned to solve pressing global challenges. But, if you are an interested CEO and you feel you may qualify for the Fellowship, please do feel free to connect with us. Please review the Selection Criteria above though before reaching out.