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Providing a better solution for waste management in India by recycling thousands of tons of plastic.

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Mani Kishore Vajipeyajula

Cofounder and CEO at Banyan Nation

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Banyan Nation is an innovative, technology-driven plastic recycling and waste management company, building India's first vertically integrated formal recycling business. Banyan produces near-virgin-quality recycled plastic granules, Better PlasticTMTM, from post-consumer and industrial plastic waste streams. Consumer goods, food and beverage, and automotive companies can use Better PlasticTMTM to manufacture more sustainable products and packaging. Banyan's proprietary technology platform integrates thousands of informal recyclers into its supply chain, and it has pioneered India's first "bumper-to-bumper" closed-loop recycling initiative with a leading automotive company. Banyan also helped initiate a unique "bottle-to-bottle" recycling program with a global cosmetics brand. To date, Banyan Nation has recycled over 500 tons of plastic, reduced over 750 tons of carbon dioxide, and diverted over 1,000 tons of plastic from landfills.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised over $10M in funding
  • Working with top global FMCG brands who put over 150 million bottles on the shelf using our recycled plastic
  • Recognized for pioneering dual innovations to integrate informal recyclers and clean plastics into high quality granules

Currently Operating in 51 Regions

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