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Using innovative processes found in nature to brew sustainable alternatives to palm oil

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Shara Ticku

Founder & CEO at C16 Biosciences

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters New York, New York, United States
C16 Biosciences has developed a platform for producing next-generation oils, fats, and lipids to eliminate the most unsustainable ingredients in our consumer products system. Our first product is a biofermented oil to replace palm oil, an ingredient found in fifty percent of products on supermarket shelves. Palm oil is ubiquitous in personal care, home care, and food products because it unlocks unique performance benefits in the finished good, but its production is dependent on deforestation. Our platform combines centuries of evolution with the latest tools in biotechnology to produce high performance, highly sustainable fats and oils that are good for human health and planetary health. You can learn more at www.c16bio.com

Notable Achievements

  • Raised $24 million to date, including funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures (Bill Gates) and US DOE.
  • Increased process efficiency 5x in two years.
  • Company and palm oil issue featured in top beauty industry publications, including Marie Claire, Vogue, Clean Academy, trade publications

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