Empowering sustainable food waste management with the marketplace for surplus and imperfect produce

Every year, 1/3 of all edible produce is wasted on farms in the U.S. simply because of cosmetic or surplus reasons, contributing to food waste being the #1 contributor to climate change globally. Full Harvest is solving the massive food waste problem at the farm level with technology and innovation by providing the industry's first business-to-business marketplace for imperfect and surplus produce.

The Full Harvest marketplace connects food and beverage brands and processors to farms online to buy discounted, excess produce. The company is creating value along the entire supply chain by lowering healthy food production costs, significantly reducing wasted food and resources, while also bringing farmers an additional revenue stream. A win-win-win for farmers, food companies, and the planet.


San Francisco, California, United States


Christine Moseley

Christine Moseley (Founder & CEO at Full Harvest) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since October 2020 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Impact Americas 2020.

Unreasonable Impact Americas 2020

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