The world’s leading supplier of biodiesel processors, producing over 400 million liters of sustainable fuel every year in over 50 countries.

Green Fuels Ltd. is the leading supplier of decentralized waste-to-biodiesel technology. Their systems are designed for safety, easy installation and usage, industrial strength, and the flexibility that enables them to convert a variety of feedstocks -- including used cooking oils, animal fats, and tallows -- into biodiesel. Green Fuels has changed biodiesel production from an expensive, feedstock-intensive, and cumbersome operation to a modular operation that can be deployed to used cooking oil collection points, cities, and island communities, or it can be scaled at a central facility as feedstock supplies increase. In January 2013, the company was granted the Royal Warrant of Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales as Suppliers of Biofuel and Biofuel-related Equipment. In 2015, James Hygate, CEO, was named the New Energy and Cleantech Entrepreneur of the Year. Green Fuels has equipment running in over 80 countries, producing over 400 million liters of fuel every year, equating to an annual carbon dioxide saving of over 1 million tons. More recently, Green Fuels has developed a process to upscale biodiesel to renewable aviation fuel and plans to scale up its pilot facility to a commercial scale.


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Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom


James Hygate

James Hygate (Founder & CEO at Green Fuels) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since November 2017 after participating in The Unreasonable Impact COVID-19 Response Exclusive Summit, created with Barclays.

The Unreasonable Impact COVID-19 Response Exclusive Summit, created with Barclays

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