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Producing easy-to-follow programming lessons for kids in K-5, to equip the next generation with in-demand skills.

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Jon Mattingly

Co-Founder and CEO at Kodable

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, United States
Kodable is a scaffolded computer science curriculum for elementary schools with a grab-and-go lesson plan option for teachers, and fun, engaging labs for students aged 4-10. Teachers can set up a classroom for students online, granting them access to resources and support from Kodable's dedicated team of specialists. Kodable is used in about half of all elementary schools across the U.S., offering the number one programming curriculum for students K-5. Within the next 18 months, they plan to reach nearly 90 percent of elementary schools in the country. Research shows that Kodable's lesson plans are proven to teach creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication through coding, empowering students with a set of skills that they can apply across any context into the future.

Currently Operating in 233 Regions

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