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Profitably recycling carbon — transforming pollution and formerly wasted carbon emissions into ethanol at industrial scale.

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Employees 201–500
Headquarters United States
The world uses more than 91 million barrels of petroleum per day, yet 1.4 billion people still lack access to reliable energy, and CO2 levels continue to rise at a dangerous rate. LanzaTech helps solve these challenges through carbon capture and reuse technology. From waste industrial gases, to stranded methane, to waste forest biomass and municipal solid waste, LanzaTech utilizes a proprietary process to convert carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into ethanol, which can then be transformed into aviation fuel or polyethylene (i.e. "plastic"). For emitters, this approach offers new revenue streams, or avoids the cost of potentially significant penalties for emissions. This enables industrial and GDP growth without adversely impacting the environment, while providing job security for those employed in industries where pollution has forced closures and job losses. The carbon-reducing capacity of each operational plant is the equivalent of removing 80,000 cars off the road annually and has a payback period of 2-3.5 years.

Currently Operating in 24 Regions

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LanzaJet inks deal with British Airways for 7,500 tons of low-emission fuel additive per year

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