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Delegating and outsourcing enterprises' recurring tasks to a digital army of female, top talent around the world

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Katharine Wolf

Founder & CEO at Odetta

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Employees 101–200
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Odetta removes the inefficiencies that often plague traditional outsourcing platforms. Their mission is to give technology companies back their time, while providing decent work, upskilling opportunities, and community to women around the world that are often undervalued, under appreciated, and underutilized. With Odetta, companies no longer need to spend time worrying about recruiting or project management, and can entrust Odetta to bring qualified and skilled women to their projects. Their Assembly Line approach breaks requests into tasks by skill set, matching each task to the most skilled person in their network of near 300 highly-trained Odettians. They have built in quality assurance mechanisms from initial recruitment to contract deployment, offering 50+ trainings, certifications, and micro-credentials to their talent pool for continuous opportunities to reskill and improve. They are building a massive digital library of work product templates allowing them to offer the ultimate efficiencies in process and automation, while ensuring their community of Odettians are offered good and decent work. Their online portal assigns, manages and quality controls the output leveraging their world-class operations and top talent across the globe. Managing a community of 6k+ women and onboarding 10-25 Odettians every month, Odetta provides a robust network of mentors, skills training events, and access to workplace opportunities for women from underserved communities.

Notable Achievements

  • Serving 250+ Technology Companies including Enterprise
  • Built a community of 6,000 women from 30 different countries
  • Named by Forbes as top #21 Best Employer in Startups in the US in 2021

Currently Operating in 18 Regions

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