Generating clean energy from organic waste, with 1,000 tons of waste converted to free energy per year.

Across the globe, every 1,000 tons of waste processed results in 400 tons of carbon emissions. SEaB spent over £6M developing our founder's invention into the first and leading micro waste-to-energy plants built in shipping containers, that use anaerobic digestion to transform organic waste into biogas in a process that emits no greenhouse gases. SEaB has developed and filed patents for MuckbusterTM and FlexibusterTM anaerobic digestion systems, which are compact, easy to install, and turnkey appliances. The patents have now issued in USA, EU, China, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and other regions. They also have the potential to significantly increase market adoption for on-site generation of energy and income from food waste, sewage, and animal manures directly at the sites of smaller waste producers. SEaB is commercializing the containerized energy from waste technology in the U.K., Portugal, France, India, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, and North America. The FlexibusterTM technology is applicable in food and food supply chains through supermarkets, retail, hotels, universities, office/business parks, sports venues, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, and conference venues, as well as in villages. The MuckbusterTM technology is applicable on sewage treatment sites and small chicken, pig, and cattle farms.


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London, England, United Kingdom


Sandra Sassow

Sandra Sassow (CEO and Co-founder at SEAB Energy (SEAB Power Ltd)) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since July 2017 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Goals 2017.

Unreasonable Goals 2017

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