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Using wind power to generate clean energy with affordable wind turbines.

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Ignacio Juarez

CEO at Semtive

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters United States
Semtive addresses the problem of over-dependence on fossil fuels with its simple, reliable, and affordable wind turbine. The design of the patented, vertical axis, and noiseless wind turbine allows it to work with limited roof space, withstand extreme weather conditions, operate alone, or function as a complement to other energy sources. The turbine requires very little maintenance and only a two-hour setup time due to its simple two-part structure, functions at low wind speeds, and pays for itself in an average of three years. With a track record of over seven years, Semtive's turbines can be successfully applied to residential, industrial, commercial, and isolated areas with a lifetime warranty.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised U$D8M
  • Have 7 PCT patents
  • Customers in 4 continents

Currently Operating in Eleven Regions

Press Mentions

February 22, 2018

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November 14, 2018

Wind Power for the Home: Honorable Mention on Best Inventions of 2018

September 8, 2017

Copycats versus disruptors in Latin America

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