Bringing online a new, robust, and ultra-sensitive gravitational sensing technology.

Silicon MicroGravity is a technology platform-based company focused on developing innovative technologies where gravity can be applied to create value. The company has developed a unique high-performance, ultra-sensitive MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) resonant accelerometer. Though incredibly small, it has a projected resolution of approximately one billionth of the Earth’s gravity, and can be applied across a large number of industries, including: CO2 storage and sequestration monitoring, oil and gas surveillance, groundwater management, civil-geotechnical engineering, mining engineering, and even the defense and space industries. The company’s current geophysical technology focus has the potential to disrupt oil and gas production practices through CO2 storage and sequestration that can achieve major cost efficiencies while helping to meet operators’ social, safety, and environmental goals. Silicon MicroGravity is also developing a high-performance MEMS rate gyro technology that will have applications from stabilisation to tactical and inertial navigation grades. When used in combination, gyros and accelerometers form important components for inertial navigation, such as guiding autonomous vehicles.


Stokenchurch, England, United Kingdom


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