Building exponential technology for workforce transformation and labor market development.

SkyHive was built to maximize the achievement of each and every human being. Established in 2016 with the mission of tackling global poverty and unemployment, SkyHive applies a competency-based methodology with machine learning and deep learning to drive unprecedented efficiencies into the acquisition, advancement, and retention of an organization's most valuable asset: human capital. SkyHive looks to extract the competency of individuals, elucidate the skills required by the workforce, and then find correlations and efficiencies that have never been found before between the two. This allows the company to place talent independent of education, credential, ethnicity, gender, and more. For example, SkyHive’s technology eliminates the bias in human resource allocation: 56 percent of their top job matches are women. The Canadian Military successfully utilizes the tool to increase the recruitment of women into the Canadian Armed Forces. SkyHive aims to utilize its exponential technologies to facilitate labor market transformation, upskilling, and lifelong learning. Ultimately, they aim to foster a stronger, more prepared, and more confident workforce to welcome a brighter tomorrow.


Poverty Gender Equality Employment Economic Inequality

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Sean Hinton

Sean Hinton (Founder and CEO at SkyHive) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since March 2019 and most recently participated in Unreasonable FUTURE 2019.

Unreasonable FUTURE 2019

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