The Companies

These 11 companies have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue, are already impacting millions of individuals directly with their technologies, and have achieved operational scale in over 30 countries. The group is comprised of teams coming from 10 countries and 5 continents. Their expertise ranges from astrophysicists, to artificial intelligence, to biological, mechanical, software, medical and electrical engineers, to graphic designers, industrial designers, scientists, doctors, and operational masterminds. What unites them is a shared belief that their technology will help define progress in our time and a common eagerness to experiment in what it takes to scale globally.

  • Agua Inc

    Agua Inc

    Providing clean water to 300,000 people w/out chemicals or energy (just plants).

  • Damascus Fortune

    Damascus Fortune

    Nanotechnology that transforms carbon emissions into material for spaceships.

  • Innoz


    Most used mobile-app in India. Designed to leapfrog internet. +120,000,000 users.

  • Guru-G


    Educates and empowers teachers through a “gamified” platform.

  • The IOU Project

    The IOU Project

    Shifting the dynamics of supply chains in apparel in a BIG way.

  • Solar Ear

    Solar Ear

    World’s 1st digitally programmable and rechargeable hearing aids.

  • Protei


    Wind powered, shape shifting, open source sailing drones that clean oceans.

  • Evolving Technologies

    Evolving Technologies

    Radically affordable medical devices for maternal care in emerging markets.

  • One Earth Designs

    One Earth Designs

    Harnesses the sun for cooking & energy. Ranked best solar cooker on earth.

  • Prakti Design

    Prakti Design

    Feeding 250,000 people daily with ultra-affordable and fuel efficient stoves.

  • Artificial Vision for the Blind

    Artificial Vision for the Blind

    Artificial intelligence leveraged as a non-invasive cure for blindness.