Meet Our Partners: We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
Our Model: What We Did Around the World

A radical experiment in global entrepreneurship to combat the greatest challenges of our time.
20 Mentors. 100 days. 1 ship. 13 countries. 11 ventures. 1 belief that entrepreneurship will change the world.

Meet our Mentors

This is a mentor intensive program. Throughout the course of the voyage, our 11 companies sailed, lived, learned from, and were mentored by 20 of the world's most prominent innovators and entrepreneurs. See all mentors.

Meet Our Co-Conspirators
The founders of the Unreasonable Institute and Stanford's have teamed up with Semester at Sea (and 100+ partners) to launch the inaugural program: A global experiment in transnational entrepreneurship that set sail in January 2013. See all partners.