Unreasonable Impact World Forum 2019

A collaboration between Barclays and Unreasonable Group

Meet the world’s fastest growing companies tackling the world’s most pressing challenges.

Tune in to watch on Thursday, November 7

Fast-paced, thought-provoking and inspiring, the Unreasonable Impact World Forum will introduce you to some of the most influential companies solving some of the most pressing challenges of our time while creating the jobs of tomorrow.

The 94 ventures in the partnership operate in 180+ countries and are reaching over 187 million people around the world, these ventures are implementing groundbreaking, rapidly scaling solutions to what the world thought was previously impossible. The live stream will cover areas around:

  • Future of Energy
  • Future of Food, Water & Agriculture
  • Future of Sustainable Living
  • Future of Supply Chains

“Unreasonable is a bit like the TED conference on steroids….but where TED brings luminaries together for a day or two to discuss a particular problem plaguing the world, Unreasonable focuses on the start- up businesses offering solutions to those problems.”

Watch last year’s presentation. If you have any issues with the video above, try viewing on your mobile phone.

The Ventures

We’ve scoured the globe to bring together the entrepreneurs creating the companies that we believe represent the future titans of industry. Learn how they’re solving critical global challenges, creating thousands of jobs, and reinventing future economies.

Abundance Investment

Making it possible for people to invest in U.K. renewable energy projects.


Building the world’s most advanced machine learning platform for Earth-observing satellite data and geospatial information.

Cambrian Innovation

Providing distributed installations to extract resources like clean water and energy from wastewater.

Cleverciti Systems

Developing comprehensive, high-tech solutions for on-street and open air parking detection, monitoring, and guidance to reduce search traffic and carbon dioxide emissions.


Developing the world's most efficient and sustainable way to produce protein.


Recycling cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber for the creation of new clothing.


Creating the world’s largest reuse marketplace that connects corporates to charities and people to redistribute unwanted items.


Providing grid-scale electricity storage by storing renewable energy as compressed air.


Delivering innovative liquid cooling technology for data center and edge computing, saving the IT industry energy, space, and money.


Building the carbon dioxide marketplace via breakthrough carbon capture technology.

Kuli Kuli

Improving nutrition and farmer income through delicious moringa superfood products.

Lumos Global

Offering clean, affordable solar power to a market of 1.3 billion potential customers who live off the electricity grid.


Providing renewable, reliable, resilient power through free-piston Stirling Engine technology.

The Waste Transformers

Revolutionizing the way our planet deals with organic waste through on-site decentralized energy and nutrient hubs for hotels, harbors, shopping malls, and more.

Vital Vio

Reinventing disinfection to safely and continuously kill germs, mold, and fungi with the flip of a light switch through advanced LED technology.


Delivering nickel-zinc based energy storage and delivery solutions for mission critical industries.