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Producing safe, high-quality and sustainable fish products with patent-pending cell cultivation and tissue engineering technology

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Carrie Chan

CEO at Avant Meats

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Singapore
Avant is Asia’s first cultivated fish company, co-founded by Carrie Chan and Dr Mario Chin in 2018 in Hong Kong and expanded to Singapore in 2021. Its patent-pending proprietary biotechnology platform produces animal-free fish proteins, in a cost-effective and fully traceable bioprocess directly from fish cells. Their technology enables businesses to produce meat and animal proteins without raising, catching, or slaughtering animals. Applications include but are not limited to food, skincare, and other functional uses. Avant aims to be a global leader in producing functional, safe, and sustainable cultivated marine products in a fully contained environment. Their cultivated fish products are more nutritious than conventionally produced fish, GMO-free, and pollutant-free.

Notable Achievements

  • Achieved 90% direct cost reduction.
  • Raised US$17M from international investors since 2019.
  • Established the first phase of pilot facility in Singapore

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Posted June 4, 2024

Supply Chain Executive


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