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Yehuda Elram

Founder & CEO at eggXYt

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Employees 1–5
Headquarters Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
eggXYt is a biotech company focused on leveraging cutting edge techniques in molecular biology to forge a more sustainable food system. eggXYt's flagship product is a chicken sexing solution for the egg industry, which aims to prevent the unnecessary culling of 4 billion male chicks every year, by providing a non-invasive, pre-incubation method for sex detection of chick embryos to be deployed in hatcheries worldwide. This solution has the potential to save 4 billion chicks every year, save the industry billions of dollars, and add 4 billion additional eggs to the global supply. Building off of its established platform for disruption in the livestock space, eggXYt has recently also expanded into the field of animal health with its new product: long-lasting and inheritable Avian Influenza Resistance in poultry.

Notable Achievements

  • Awarded >$2.5m from the European Union, through the Horizon 2020 SME Program, for development of chicken sexing solution
  • Assembled world class team of molecular biologists with the unique expertise to develop eggXYt's poultry solutions
  • Signed groundbreaking R&D licensing agreement with Tropic Biosciences to develop disease resistance in poultry

Press Mentions

May 16, 2023

eggXYt CEO: Gene editing is key to ending male chick culling

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September 18, 2021

Could gene editing chickens prevent future pandemics?

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