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Creating bone tissue from a patient's mesenchymal stem cells in vitro for use in bone grafts.

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Nina Tandon

CEO & Co-Founder at EpiBone

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
EpiBone, Inc. is privately-held clinical-stage regenerative medicine company focused on skeletal reconstruction. Sitting at the intersection of biology and engineering, the company harnesses the power of cells to create living solutions that can become a seamless part of a patient’s body. EpiBone is currently developing a pipeline of bone, cartilage, and compound (bone and cartilage) products.

Notable Achievements

  • IND approval by the FDA in July 2023 to go into Ph 1/2 clinical trials with our cartilage product.
  • Successful completion of our Ph 1/2 clinical trial of our bone product in August 2023.
  • $45.8M of equity funding and $3M in grant funding raised to date.

Currently Operating in Six Regions

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