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Creating bone tissue from a patient's mesenchymal stem cells in vitro for use in bone grafts.

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Nina Tandon

CEO & Co-Founder at EpiBone

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters New York, New York, United States
EpiBone is a revolutionary bone reconstruction company that allows patients to “grow their own bone”. EpiBone’s pioneering technology utilizes a scan of the patient’s bone defect and the patient’s own stem cells to construct and cultivate a defect-specific autologous-like bone graft. EpiBone is strategically positioned to provide a superior bone graft that will provide exact defect repair, a simplified surgical procedure, improved bone formation and regeneration, and shorter recovery times, without the complications of foreign body implantation, to the over 900,000 patients who undergo bone-related surgeries each year.

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October 17, 2015

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