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Designing children's toys and games for emotional intelligence to practice manners, minimize meltdowns, and have fun.

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Erica Buxton

Chairman at EQtainment

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Employees 1–5
Headquarters Manhattan Beach, California, United States
A growing body of research suggests that improving emotional intelligence in children leads to greater school readiness, life success, and general health and happiness. EQtainment is on a mission to improve the world's social and emotional skills through its multimedia Q Wunder platform, which provides access to entertaining music, games, books, apps, and kid-friendly shows. Q Wunder's products offer parents and educators fun and entertaining tools to help children develop self-awareness, impulse control, manners, problem solving, empathy, responsibility, grit, and more -- crucial life skills that have the ability to change the trajectory of children's lives all over the world. EQtainment is a Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner and has been featured on Larry King, The View, News Max TV, and more.

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January 26, 2018

Two Like-Minded Moms Are Changing Childhood Education Models Through Emotional Intelligence

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