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A breakthrough refrigerant-free technology that decarbonises heating and/or cooling using solid-state heat pump technology.

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Mike Langan

Commercial Director at Exergyn

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
About a third of the world’s power goes on heating and cooling. Heat pumps are the answer to decarbonising this sector. However, commercial heat pumps employ refrigerants that are usually hundreds if not thousands of times more toxic to the environment than CO2. Exergyn has developed an innovative, easy-to-use solution to deliver cost effective electricity where and when it is needed and with no emissions. It has created an engine that runs on hot water as well as an efficient emission-free heat pump that contains no refrigerants. Refrigerant management is the number one global solution to mitigating climate change. Exergyn believes that by removing refrigerants entirely, global carbon emissions could be reduced by almost 20%.

Currently Operating in Three Regions

Press Mentions

January 21, 2022

Dublin’s Exergyn pulls in $35M Series A for solution which replaces GHG-causing refrigerants

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December 4, 2017

Shape-Shifting Metals Could Generate Electricity from Wasted Heat

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