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Agriculture made from cells in a facility, not plants on a field.

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Luciano Bueno

Founder & CEO at GALY

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, United States
GALY is a developer of cellular agriculture using biotechnology and sustainable, less energy-land-intensive methods to produce natural products. The company creates cotton in a laboratory context from cells utilizing a proprietary method instead of field farming that is faster, higher quality, and cheaper than natural cotton, with a drastically lower environmental impact. GALY’s cell-culture platform can be applied to produce products beyond Cotton; it is currently trialling its cotton products with customers but is prototyping cocoa, with more products in the R&D pipeline. The company has raised its Series A in 2021, with which it is building the foundations of the business and market testing its products with customers. Going forward, it plans to build a pilot plant and validate its low CapEx production facilities and develop new cell culture products. On its hyper-scale plan, GALY will build 5 Giga factories in 5 different continents with 200,000 tons/yr production capacity each and 1,000 modular low-CapEx facilities to produce its products all over the globe and significantly lower its cost profile.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised over USD 32M to date. Investors include John Doerr, Sergey Brin, Material Impact, Sam Altman, Tony Fadell, Emily Leproust, and others
  • 1st place on H&M Global Change Awards - the nobel prize for sustainability - from more than 4,000+ companies
  • 1st place on Sutainability category for the LVMH Innovation Awards

Currently Operating in Two Regions

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