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Democratizing access to healthcare through localised lab testing

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Marcus Figueredo

CEO at Hilab

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Employees 101–200
Headquarters Cidade Industrial de Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Headquartered in Brazil, Hilab offers a remote diagnostic tool to make healthcare accessible everywhere. Their handheld devices, powered by AI and IoT, conduct quick tests that account for 85% of the most commonly administered tests. They bring the resources of the lab to distant, untouched places where others don't venture.

To date, Hilab has given over 6 million tests to 1.8 million Brazilians. Now, they're setting their sights abroad. In 2021, they introduced the world's smallest CBC tester, the Hilab Lens. The Lens uses fingerstick blood collection to provide diagnostic results from anywhere in just 30 minutes. In 2022, the Lens company received the "Gold" award from the iF DESIGN Awards—widely considered to be the world's most influential design award.

Notable Achievements

  • Disruptive Point-of-Care Testing with AI: Hilab has successfully disrupted traditional diagnostic testing by integrating AI into their point
  • Enhanced Healthcare Access: Hilab's user-friendly platform and decentralized approach have significantly improved healthcare access, especia
  • Hilab Lens - Revolutionary Diagnostics: Hilab's groundbreaking launch of the Hilab Lens, the world's only technology capable of performing a

Currently Operating in Ten Regions

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