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Replacing conventional plastic packaging

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Devana Ng

Co-founder & CEO at Invisible Company

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Employees 1–5
Headquarters New Territories, Hong Kong
Founded in 2020, Invisible Company fights against the use of conventional plastic. Their #INVISIBLEBAG is entirely water-soluble, compostable, landfill biodegradable, and non-toxic, providing a sustainable alternative for brands to replace traditional plastic packaging.

In addition to its current product, the company is actively engaged in R&D to develop new sustainable materials. They actively promote "Eco With Attitude" to brands, consumers, and the community, inspiring them to adopt sustainable living practices.

Invisible Company aims to build a community based on authenticity and fairness, centered around their sustainable and innovative products, which can educate, inspire, and spearhead environmental change. The Invisible community is committed to achieving SDGs 1, 4, and 12, making a significant sustainable impact.

Notable Achievements

  • Collaborated with over 700 brands worldwide, replacing over 5M conventional plastic bags with #INVISIBLEBAG.
  • Active community, +150 joined our hike cleanup, +100 organic media coverage and interviews, +30 panel discussions
  • Developing a innovative, sustainable food-packaging product.

Currently Operating in 19 Regions

Press Mentions

October 30, 2023

Hong Kong, China's First Ever Design Showcase at Dutch Design Week

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September 28, 2023

The L.A. Textile Fair: How the fashion industry is taking sustainability a step further

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