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Providing 30 million small-scale farmers in India with solar-powered irrigation systems to affordably cultivate crops year-round and increase profitability.

Employees 1–5
Headquarters India
There are 30 million farmers who tend to an acre or less of land in east India, where 60 percent of renewable groundwater is unused and agriculture-grade electricity is patchy. Khethworks works to alleviate poverty and enhance food security among these farmers. The Khethworks solar-powered irrigation system allows small-plot farmers to affordably cultivate crops year-round, increasing their livelihood and food production. When a farmer switches from renting diesel and kerosene to using Khethworks' system, they can increase annual profits by 170 percent. Khethworks believes viable irrigation options for 85 percent of Indian small-plot farmers are key. As a for-profit company, Khethworks commits to reinvesting the majority of their profits to further their social mission.

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September 14, 2021

Forbes India Nurturing Entrepreneurship and Driving Sustainable Growth

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